Blogmas Day 4: Effective Communication with Governors

Welcome to day 4 of Blogmas! Today’s post is brought to you by Becky from Governors’ Virtual Office (GVO).  If you haven’t already heard – Pro Clerking has teamed up with GVO to provide even more support for Clerks, Governance Professionals and Company Secretaries by way of a collaborative, secure online library of resources, templates, workflows and networking opportunities.  The Pro Clerking GVO platform will help ensure Clerks stay fully informed, equipped and empowered and share good practice nationwide.  Find out more – including how to get involved in the FREE pilothere!

Effective communication is key to good Governance; however, it can be a tricky to strike the right balance!

Too much information and your risk ‘overload’, not enough and you risk a lack of engagement.  What works for one Governor might not work for another…… so how can you please most of the people, most of the time!

Having documents, files and meeting packs stored in a well-organised way will help your Governors to help themselves – finding what they need, when they need it.

Develop a protocol for working.  Do I need to ‘Share’ now?   What should I ‘Subscribe Others’ to, making sure they stay informed and up to date with comments?   GVO has options to suit all scenarios and preferences, from the once a week personalised newsletter to live notifications when new comments are added.

Commenting at a document level provides an excellent record of evidence, demonstrating your Governors’ strategic challenge, support, approval, questioning and holding leaders to account – everyone can stay informed of discussions and conversations taking place.

GVO is not reliant on school, college or MAT email addresses, meaning that Governors and Trustees can use an email address of their choice.  Using an email address that is easy to access will increase engagement and ensure that nothing is missed!

GVO Top Tip – If it is the Clerk is adding papers to the GVO, make sure you use the ‘Subscribe Others’ function to make sure that the ‘owner’ of the document is alerted when a new question or comment is added!


Governors’ Virtual Office

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