Blogmas Day 6: Top Tips for Policy Management

Welcome to day 6 of Blogmas!  Effective policy management is essential in all schools and academies.  The DfE dictate a variety of statutory policies and guidance documents which are to be held by the school {or proprietors of Academy Trusts}. Today I’ll be sharing some top tips for effective policy management.

  1. To ensure compliance individual, as well as group, accountability is paramount. Therefore, a focused approach to policy management that enables the Governing Body to maintain strategic oversight and implementation of policies is needed. 
  1. Not all policies need to be approved by the Governing Body. The Governing Body can delegate non-statutory policies to the Head and decide to review and approve only statutory or other non-statutory policies deemed most important at full Governing Body or Committee meetings.  
  1. The school must have a policy review system in place which allows tracking which policies are due for review and need attention, where there is new information they must understand, or when policies must be updated in line with new or existing statutory guidance.   
  1. Communicating which policies are in place and when they have been reviewed and/or updated with stakeholders {i.e. members of staff, parents etc.} is key. 
  1. Local context should be taken into consideration when writing policies. 
  1. The Clerk can support the Governing Body by having knowledge of what policies are required, keeping up to date with current guidance and by ensuring a robust policy review process is in place. 

The good news is that GVO can help you with all of the above, saving time and stress! Not only can you upload Polices into GVO for review and approval, but you can also link Polices directly to the school, college or MAT website, ensuring there is only ever one version of a Policy.

Governors can Approve a draft Policy with the click of a button, or add a comment with any feedback or suggested changes. Once a Policy is finalised comments and approvals are ‘locked’ maintaining an excellent record of evidence.

Policies are flagged when they are due for renewal, automatically alertying the owner than action needs to be taken. The Policy Reporting tool provides an excellent view of policy categories, status and due date.

Find out more here: POLICY MANAGEMENT

You can find out more about policy management, including how to create a workable policy review schedule, in Pro Clerking’s Introduction to Policy Management Workshop. Email me at to find out about up coming dates.

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