Blogmas Day 11: Spotlight on GIAS

Welcome to day 11 of Blogmas! Today’s post is a spotlight on Get Information About Schools aka GIAS.

GIAS is an online DfE register of schools and colleges in England. You can search for and download information on establishments, establishment groups (such as a local authority, trust or federation) or governors.

It is a statutory requirement for schools to keep their GIAS records up to date. Schools can sign in to GIAS using their DfE Sign-in account. This login may be held by the Head or school administrator, or certain access rights can be given to Clerks to allow them to update the Governance area of GIAS.

Things to consider:

  • Your setting’s record should be kept up to date as information changes. It is good practice for updates to be made within 14 days of a change
  • Records need to be regularly confirmed as up to date even if no changes have been made. This needs to be done every 60 days {worth noting in your calendar!}
  • GIAS issues two warning emails if a Governance role term of office is coming to its expiration date; 180 days before the term of office expiry date and on the day the term of office expires
  • For new Governors you will need their full name, email address, who appointed them, home postcode and start and end date of their term of office in order to add them to GIAS. You will be asked for information on their date of birth, previous names etc. but these are not required to save a record
  • You do not need to include information on Associate Members on GIAS

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