Blogmas Day 12: Top Tips for Company Secretaries

Welcome to day 12 of Blogmas! The final countdown is on for the end of term……. but Blogmas will continue right up until 24th December!  Today we’ll be having a quick look at the role of a Company Secretary and sharing some top tips.

What exactly is a Company Secretary?

Traditionally (and in the corporate/legal sector) a Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements of a company.  In education, the title of Company Secretary is used within single and multi-academy Trusts; however, it is not a legal requirement for academy trusts to appoint a Company Secretary and the DfE’s model articles of association do not include this as a requirement.  Nevertheless, a lot of academy trusts do appoint a company secretary to the Trust Board to ensure they fulfil their statutory responsibilities in company, charity and education law. 

Top tips for Company Secretaries:

The role of CS differs slightly from that of a Clerk or Governance professional in a maintained school or of a Local Advisory/Governing Body within a MAT; therefore, it is worth familiarising yourself with the additional requirements such as:

  • What documents need filing with Companies House and when
  • Your Trust’s legal documents – articles of association, master funding agreement etc.
  • Your Trust’s governance structure – Members, Trustees, Local Governors etc. and what information/legalities sit around each layer of governance
  • Other statutory guidance such as the Academy Trust Handbook
  • Annual audit requirements
  • Where to seek further advice in relation to academy specific queries
  • Local or national updates

The best way to learn or keep up to date with what is expected from the role of CS is to undertake CPD at least annually.  Law firms such as Veale Wasborough Vizards or Stone King offer annual training or why not book onto Pro Clerking’s next Company Secretary Workshop on Wednesday 19th January 2022 from 10-12pm via Zoom? 

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