Blogmas Day 13: Spotlight on New Governors

Welcome to day 13 of Blogmas! Today’s post is focusing on new Governors and how to ensure they are properly inducted to the Governing Body (but can also be used/adapted for Trustees of academy trusts).

New Governor Protocol

Your Governing Body should think about their induction protocol for new Governors prior to appointment to ensure the correct information and level of support is provided and that they fully understand the role of a Governor.

Here are some points to consider:

  • Prior to appointment set up an informal “interview” with a potential new governor (with the exception of Parent and Staff Governors who are elected and ex-officio Governors)
  • Provide information about the roles, responsibilities and likely time commitment of being a school governor
  • Should you wish to continue they should be nominated and seconded at the next FGB meeting. A majority vote is needed before the role is offered to the candidate

New Governor Induction

New Governors should be given a school email address, this ensures school information is retained within the school network and protects both the Governor and school under GDPR – even if you are using a platform such as the Governors’ Virtual Office which can be set up with any email address I would advise it is still good practice to set up a school email address for new Governors.

To be emailed to the new Governor by Clerk (to their school email account):

  • Governor Record Form 
  • Declarations of Interest Form 
  • New Governor Policy 
  • Link to the latest Governance Handbook
  • Link to the latest Competency Framework for Governance 
  • Code of Conduct (to be agreed & signed)
  • Governor Visit Policy and Visit Report
  • Governance Structure
  • Minutes of recent meetings (usually the last 3 meetings, not including any confidential minutes)
  • Calendar of future meetings
  • Most recent Ofsted Reports (& other relevant documents)
  • Safeguarding documents (inc. Keeping Children Safe in Education)
  • Contact details for other governors

To be provided by the new Governor:

  • DBS (or they need to apply immediately)
  • Name, address & contact details
  • Business interests
  • Required information for GIAS (e.g. date of birth)

To be offered to the new Governor

  • Governor mentor
  • Governor Induction Training (usually available through your Local Authority (LA) or Multi-Academy Trust (MAT))
  • Tour of the school
  • Introduction to key members of staff
  • Introduction to fellow Governors at the next appropriate meeting

Actions for the Clerk

  • Request school email address
  • Once Governor Record Form completed send this to your LA or MAT
  • Update Register of Interests and Register of Governors 
  • Update Governance pages on school website
  • Update GIAS
  • Update circulation lists / groups

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