Blogmas Day 14: New Year’s Resolutions for Clerks (Part 1)

Welcome to day 14 of Blogmas! Today we’ll be looking ahead to the New Year and looking at how to set and follow through on our goals for 2022.  Back in the summer of 2021 I created The Goal Getter {mini} Academy (GGmA).  This 5 step workbook works through everything from broadening your mindset and gaining confidence to setting goals and taking action to make them a reality.  The full GGmA workbook is available to purchase here.  Over the next two blogmas posts I’ll be sharing an overview of the 5 steps in the context of Clerking to help you start thinking about what you’d like to achieve in 2022.  Of course, you don’t need to wait until a new year, month, week or even day – these steps can be implemented at any time you choose – and can be used in any area of your life!

Step 1:   Finding your purpose

The first step in the GGmA is to start broadening your mindset in terms of what It is you actually want to achieve.  Are you aiming to offer the best service possible?  Or do you want to earn more money?  Maybe you would really like to work for yourself.  Or maybe you’d just like to feel more organised and confident you have all your processes and procedures in place!  Really home in on and connecting with the “why” behind your goals can really help focus your goals and realise what it is you actually want to achieve. 

Step 2: Setting your goals

Before you start the process of setting your goals it’s important to keep the “why” from step 1 in the back of your mind – the first part of this step is to ensure the goals you set are aligned with your “why”.  Next, we’ll take a brief look at a system for setting both short and long term goals (more information is available in the full GGmA).  Let’s take the example of the “why” of ultimately working for yourself.  What goals could you set which align with this purpose? 

Short term (<3 months):  Draft out what your business would look like

Long term (>12 months): Take on first client  

Step 3:  Gaining confidence

Ok so we have an idea of our goals and the “why” behind and driving them.  We’ve opened our mindset but, let’s be honest, it’s all incredibly overwhelming and we still don’t know how we’re actually going to achieve these plans!  Before taking action it’s important to build firm foundation blocks for confidence.  You may have heard of victor vs victim mindset.  This technique is all about thinking about the attributes that sit under each of these mindsets then noticing and consciously changing which we use in our everyday lives.  This involves a change in the language we use and the way we act.  Positive self-talk and body language are powerful tools for unlocking confidence.  If you tell yourself you can achieve your goal you will start to believe it and it WILL happen

Tomorrow we’ll look at steps 4 and 5 of the GGmA.

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Day 14:  New Year’s resolutions for Clerks (Part 2)


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