Blogmas Day 15: New Year’s Resolutions for Clerks (Part 2)

Welcome to day 15 of Blogmas! Today we’ll continue looking at the 5 steps of The Goal Getter {mini} Academy (GGmA) in preparation for the New Year.  In day 14’s blogmas post we covered steps 1-3 – finding your purpose, setting your goals and gaining confidence – check out the full post here.  Today we’ll continue with steps 4 and 5.

Step 4:   Taking action

You’ve thought about your “why”, set some goals and worked on your confidence – now it’s time to do the work and take action!  Four ways to do this are:• Set habits• Create discipline• Build routines• Stay accountable 

For each goal think of the habits which link to that goal, break these down into tasks, work out how often these tasks need to be done to move you closer to your goal (are these short or long term goals?  Do they need daily, weekly or monthly attention?), create routines or workflows which incorporate these habits and tasks (do you need to set aside 30 mins at the end of your working day to dedicate to your tasks?  Can you create a workflow to empty your inbox at the end of every week?) then think of a way to stay accountable (set achievable deadlines or milestones in your diary, commit to your Chair or Head to review and send an update on policies every month etc.)

Step 5:  The compound effect

As with so many things, consistency is key.  You now have the tools to go from your “why” right through to taking action– now rinse and repeat!  Goals, tasks and routines will most likely need tweaking, but I guarantee with every tweak improvements will be made and tasks will become easier and more efficient.  Often the hardest part of something is starting.  A repeated system of small, seemingly insignificant actions can reap huge rewards.  

Small choices + consistency + time = significant results 

(The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy)

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