Blogmas Day 17: Blogmas 2021 Overview

Welcome to day 17 of Blogmas! Only a couple of days of this year’s Blogmas series to go now so I thought we’d start to wrap things up with an overview of all the posts we’ve covered: 

Wednesday 1st December Day 1: Welcome and What to Expect 

Thursday 2nd December Day 2: The Head, Chair and Clerk Working Relationship 

Friday 3rd December Day 3: Minute Typing Buzz Words 

Monday 6th December Day 4: Effective Communication with Governors  

Tuesday 7th December Day 5: Spotlight on Associate Members (Maintained Schools) 

Wednesday 8th December Day 6: Top Tips for Policy Management 

Thursday 9th December Day 7: Let’s get organised: The Power Hour 

Friday 10th December Day 8: Clerking with Confidence Workshops  

Monday 13th December Day 9: The Clerks’ Annual Planner – New Product for 2022! 

Tuesday 14th December Day 10: Meeting Prep for the Spring Term 

Wednesday 15th December Day 11: Spotlight on GIAS 

Thursday 16th December Day 12: Top Tips for Company Secretaries 

Friday 17th December Day 13: Spotlight on New Governors  

Monday 20th December Day 14: New Year Resolutions for Clerks (Part 1) 

Tuesday 21st December Day 15: New Year Resolutions for Clerks (Part 2) 

Wednesday 22nd December Day 16: Paper Free Governance 

And of course, if you are part of the Pro Clerking GVO pilot all these posts are available either from the online calendar or in the documents section.   

Which post(s) have you found most helpful?  Let us know in the comments below! 

Coming up

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Day 18:  Merry Christmas from Pro Clerking and GVO!  + exclusive discount code for 2022!


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