Introduction to the NGA’s Governance Professional’s Career Framework

Earlier this month the National Governance Association (NGA) held its first Governance Professional’s Career Framework focus group online meeting. 


The NGA has “made a commitment to collaborating with governance professionals and other interested parties to develop a career pathway for the profession” with the aim of launching their framework at the end of 2022. 

The framework aims to:

  • Be an online resource relevant to current and new governance professionals from all backgrounds
  • Cover all education sectors
  • Contain explanatory roles (see levels below) and supporting resources

Three working title levels

The NGA have suggested the following (non-exclusive) working titles, with the aim to provide guidance on the roles associated with each level, individual requirements and pay benchmarks:

  • Clerking:  Typically, those whose role will be to deliver the board’s clerking requirements
  • Governance Co-ordinator:  Typically, those who are a governance officer within a MAT, clerking service manager or regional governance co-ordinator for a group of schools. In most cases their role will involve clerking, but with the addition of line managing clerks, co-ordinating governance support activities across a number of schools and supporting the lead governance professional level to provide strategic and operational direction
  • Lead Governance Professional:  Typically, those who are part of the central support team.  In most cases this will involve line management and strategic and operational development of governance structure

Further explanatory guidance includes:

  • The most common entry routes associated with each level
  • An outline of duties contained in most job descriptions associated with a particular level
  • Individual requirements in terms of standard of education, experience, specialist qualifications, knowledge, skills and attributes
  • Pay – to provide a current market estimate pay/pay region based on benchmarking
  • Training and development – the ongoing CPD requirements that are associated with a particular level

The role of the focus group

The focus group meetings have been set up to help shape the NGA’s framework from a variety of different roles and backgrounds, including self-employed governance professionals, trainers and professional networks.

The first focus group meeting, held earlier this month, looked at the suggested levels (as above), key messages around progression and professional growth and the explanatory content for each level.

The focus group was asked to consider the suggested levels and explanatory guidance, any roles or entry routes that should be more visible, the role and duties of a company secretary and where this should sit within the framework, the information required about working as a governance professional at each level and career pathway opportunities including as a self-employed governance professional.

Initial thoughts from Pro Clerking

When I first heard about the NGA’s plan to develop a career framework for governance professionals I jumped at the chance of being part of the focus group.  Since starting Pro Clerking in 2019 I have always been keen to share how the role of a Clerk or governance professional can be developed into a professional career, as you will see from my website:

Pro-Clerking promises to:
EQUIP Clerks with up-to-date resources and information
ENABLE Clerks to join a supportive community, collaborate with their peers and have the opportunity to progress their professional development
Clerks to acknowledge the importance of their role and have the confidence to provide solid and meaningful advice on governance, constitutional and procedural matters

I really valued being part of the focus group and not only hearing about the work the NGA have ben doing but to also hear input and opinions from other governance professionals.  For me, the highlights of these conversations came out as the necessity of ensuring the framework inclusively includes ALL sectors rather than being academy or MAT heavy, the inclusion of a company secretary as a separate role and how those wishing to become self-employed or even set up their own clerking business can be best supported. 

With all of this in mind, I’d love to share that Pro Clerking will be launching a career development workshop, to include information on setting up as a self-employed clerk or starting your own business.  I will also be sharing a case study of my professional background and progression with the NGA as part of the development of their framework – watch this space!

Upcoming workshops

Exclusions Workshop in collaboration with Sarah Shortt from Brighter Futures for Children – Monday 23rd May 10-12pm, £50.40

Compliance Workshop – Wednesday 22nd and Monday 27th June 10-12pm, £30

I could also run an additional Company Secretary Workshop if there is enough interest.

View and book onto upcoming workshops here – want to receive 20% off all workshops? Why not consider joining our FREE Pro Clerking GVO Community?

All my best


The Governance Professional’s Annual Planner 2022-23 is now available!

Planners will be dispatched in June 2022 – find out more and order your planner here

Coming soon…..

The Clerking with Confidence Academy – a self-paced online course with pick n mix modules – enrolment for 2022-23 opening soon!

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