The Clerking Competency Framework: Part 2

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at an overview of the different competencies within the DfE’s Clerking Competency Framework which outlines the skills and knowledge expected from a professional Clerk. This week we’ll be starting to look at the second competency – administration.

The four clerking competencies are:

  1. Understanding governance​
  2. Administration ​
  3. Advice & guidance ​
  4. People & relationships


Professional clerking ensures that:

  • Processes and procedures of governance are administered efficiently
  • The “basics” are taken care of to enable the board to make effective use of their time and focus on strategic matters
  • Board members are well prepared for meetings
  • High-quality paperwork is in place, leading to better informed decision making
  • Accurate reporting and information is correctly, and appropriately, shared
  • Record keeping is clear, concise and compliant

The Clerking Competency Framework outlines the following skills for a professional clerk:

  • Excellent time and project management skills
  • Use of technology
  • The ability to identify priorities and anticipate issues
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of systems in place and make improvements as necessary
  • Attention to detail
  • Well prepared
  • An understanding of the importance of capturing the relevant information in minutes
  • An understanding of the key principles of effective governance and regulations
  • Systemic and organised filing systems
  • High quality of work

Reminder – as Clerk, you are not expected to know all the different regulations and guidance off the top of your head; however, you need to know either where to find the information (such as from one of the documents listed above) or who to ask (such as Pro Clerking!)

Coming up next week – The Clerking Competency Framework Part 3

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