About Pro Clerking

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Pro Clerking was formed to equip, enable and empower Clerks, Governance Professionals and Company Secretaries working in the UK education sector to provide effective administrative, compliance and constitutional support.

Pro-Clerking aims to:

EQUIP Clerks with up-to-date resources and information.
ENABLE Clerks to join a supportive community, collaborate with their peers and have the opportunity to progress their professional development.
EMPOWER Clerks to acknowledge the importance of their role and have the confidence to provide solid and meaningful advice on governance, constitutional and procedural matters.

Our Vision

To raise the profile and standards of Clerking by identifying gaps and providing opportunities for professional training. To create a supportive community which enables collaboration and sharing of good practice. To ensure compliance and impact the quality of Governance in education. To create the opportunity for a diverse career in the Clerking sector.

About the Founder

Pro-Clerking was founded by Ellie Hully. Ellie is a mum of three from Gloucestershire, UK. After completing her BSc and Post-Graduate Diploma Ellie started her career in the pharmaceutical sector before joining the Diocese of Gloucester in 2009. Ellie worked alongside the Diocese of Gloucester Education Trust and Academies Trust before helping to set-up the Diocese of Gloucester Academies Trust which she then joined as as the Executive Officer.  Ellie was an integral part of the team from the initial setting up of the Umbrella Trust and Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) in 2012 and assisting with the administration of academy conversions, including the opening of a new Free School. 

Ellie is now Company Secretary to the Trust Board as well as providing support to the MAT’s Clerks and Governors.  Ellie has a passion for supporting Clerk to Governors and set up Pro-Clerking as a way of creating a community for Clerks and offering support on a wider scale.

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