NGA’s Governance Professional’s Conference Round-up 2022

Welcome back to to the summer 1 term! I hope you all had a restful Easter break and have come back fully refreshed for the term ahead. Here at Pro Clerking it’s an incredibly busy (and short!) term with lots of workshops, client training and of course the launch of the Governance Professional’s Annual PlannerContinue reading “NGA’s Governance Professional’s Conference Round-up 2022”

Spotlight on: Governor Recruitment & Diversity

One of NGA’s 8 elements of effective governance is having the “right people around the table”. From evaluating your current board to succession planning and governor recruitment, ensuring you have an effective governing board of volunteers, including recruiting from underrepresented groups, is not always an easy task! The NGA’s updated Right People Around the TableContinue reading “Spotlight on: Governor Recruitment & Diversity”

Spotlight on: Regulatory Documents

What do you mean by regulatory documents? Regulatory documents determine the way in which an education setting is set up and overseen. They outline the legal requirements by which school governance is held to account and guidance around the role and functions of governance. LA maintained vs. academies Regulations depend upon the type of school.Continue reading “Spotlight on: Regulatory Documents”