The Clerking Competency Framework: Part 1

Over the next few weeks we’ll be looking at an overview of the different competencies within the DfE’s Clerking Competency Framework which outlines the skills and knowledge expected from a professional Clerk.

The four clerking competencies are:

  1. Understanding governance​
  2. Administration ​
  3. Advice & guidance ​
  4. People & relationships

​Reminder – the role of the clerk

The role of the clerk is to ensure the efficient functioning of the board by: ​​

  •  providing administrative and organisational support ​– including meetings ​​
  •  giving guidance to ensure that the board works in compliance with the appropriate legal and regulatory framework, and understands the potential consequences for non-compliance​​
  •  taking and maintaining accurate records including minutes and statutory information​

Understanding governance

It is important for Clerks to have a basic understanding of school governance including:

  • the 8 elements of effective governance​
  • the duties and functions of the Clerk
  • statutory regulations (such as School Governance Regulations and Academy Trust Handbook (Academy Trusts only))
  • guidance (such as The Governance Handbook and Competency Framework for Governance)
  • school specific documentation (such as Instrument of Government and Articles of Association (Academy Trusts only))
  • different types of schools, their governance structures and accountability
  • different types of governor and how they are appointed/elected
  • what is expected in terms of governance compliance including record keeping and data
  • The culture, code of conduct and strategic vision of the board

Note – as Clerk, you are not expected to know all the different regulations and guidance off the top of your head; however, you need to know either where to find the information (such as from one of the documents listed above) or who to ask (such as Pro Clerking!)

Coming up next week – The Clerking Competency Framework Part 2

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